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    Specialize in Water Pump Repair Service & Installation in Klang Valley

    Your search for a professional plumber to handle your water pump concerns end here. We specialize in water pump installation and  repairs, which we know can be really hard to find  here in Malaysia. We help you every step of the way, from choosing the best water pump for your area to key maintenance steps to avoid complicated problems in your water system.

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    Our Works

    We are a team of local plumbing experts with specialized training in water pump systems. We guarantee professional and quality service and offer all necessary information to keep your water system in check. Here are our two main services offered in Malaysia:

    Water Pump Installation

    We work with various properties from residential, condominiums, to commercial spaces. We help you choose the best water pump for your needs. Our team of plumbers are specifically trained in water pump configurations so you are assured of seamless and safe water supply for your home and office.

    Electric Water Pump Repair

    Nothing spells hassle more than seeing murky water from your faucet. This is a plumbing emergency that specifically requires water pump specialization. Our water pump consultation and repair services are availabe seven days a week to ensure prompt action for your problem.

    Here's What Our Customers Says About Us

    One of the most professional service providers I've encountered as an expat here in KL. Hats off to the team!
    Sekandor Jeni
    Sekandor Jeni
    10:42 27 Dec 18
    Have a leak water tank on top of ceiling. Kevin is very pro. He snap photo on the leaking part and explain the next step. Honest and friendly!
    Patrick Tan
    Patrick Tan
    12:33 17 Nov 18
    KL 1 Plumber are legit experts in almost the entire water system of any property. My family and I are lucky enought to have found about their services online, because they basically prevented our house from being flood with water leaks! I think one of the greatest strengths is their customer focus. From the booking process to the service delivery the KL 1 Plumber team made me feel that they really want to understand our problem. After the pre-asssessment phase, they already sent out a plumber to check the actual situation of our water system and that's how we found out that we didn't have just a simple leaking problem. Fortumately, a team of three experts was dispatched to our house 3 days after. We really recommend their warm and professional service! Kudos!
    Joanne Chen
    Joanne Chen
    11:16 27 Dec 18
    great customer service and easy booking!
    glivia lai
    glivia lai
    11:07 27 Dec 18
    Contacted them to flush my choked basin.. Sam is friendly and able to send his team fast to solve my problem.
    Lee Kins
    Lee Kins
    00:26 04 Nov 18
    Thank you KL 1 Plumber for a job well done! Your staff are not only friendly but helpful. Will definitely go back to you for future plumbing services👍👍👍
    lily liew
    lily liew
    03:12 11 May 19
    I’ve always been a handy person, but if there is one thing that I have not come to master, it is really all these pipes at home. Gladly, I discovered KL1 Plumbing services online and they have really made the installation easy for me. Worth noting as well that I have not encountered any problem so far.
    Danang Shuib
    Danang Shuib
    09:45 23 Jul 19
    My big thanks to KL1 Plumbing for their prompt assistance with my emergency last week! Water creeping in from places you don’t know can be annoying and frustrating but they were able to solve it sooner than I expected.
    Haryati Sadi
    Haryati Sadi
    05:30 24 Jul 19
    Recommended for you instant needs unclogging your sink or whatever plumbing needs. I didn’t realize how important it was to have saved numbers of plumbers on my phone. You’ll never know when you’ll need it, and this is a good find here in KL.
    Muaaid Ashraf
    Muaaid Ashraf
    05:11 25 Jul 19
    Always fast and efficient workers. Has been our partners in maintaining our pipes and water system in the shop. So glad they can be contacted online now, too.
    13:43 24 Nov 19

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    Brands Supported

    K1 Plumber is proud to support th following water pump brands

    - Grundfos Pump Installation

    - Tsunami Pump Installation

    - Joven Pump Installation

    We highly recommend consulting with a plumbing specialist first prior to buying a water pump. We'll help you choose the best brand depending on your water supply requirements and location.

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    Why Use A Water Pump?

    Water pumps are the silent workers behind our stable water supply. It is often only noticed once it starts to act up and affect the quality and quantity of our water.

    More than anything, water pumps helps you save water, while also helping you cut down your water bill. You get water on demand – no waste, no interruptions. It is particularly useful for those living in in high rise properties where water supply can be a challenge, especially with simultaneous use from other users.

    With high quality installation, water pumps will work round the clock for you, with little to no maintenance required.

    Why Choose Us?

    We quickly mobilize our team, so that the leak will be addressed quickly saving you from any further damage the leak might cause. Our team sets up to work in such a way that is not disruptive to the daily activities of our clients.

    Clients can calls us through our hotline to set-up a leak repair service. They can also book through our online website. We are also willing to help you out with any documentation if the source of the roof damage is covered by your insurance. Clients will also get professional advice to sustain the life of the roofing system helping you avoid leaks in the future. All our repair service comes with a warranty period which is an assurance that our repairs are consistent in quality.

    Experienced And Reputable

    We have been in business for a while during which we have acquired the necessary expertise to handle any plumbing issues. Therefore, by working with our company, you’re working with the best. On the other hand, our clients can verify that we always provide the best and most satisfactory services and we will do the same for any person that walks through our doors.

    Licensed And Certified

    We have all the required certifications and licenses to provide plumbing services in Kuala Lumpur and the surrounding areas. Every plumber in our company has the right license to offer the best plumbing services in the region. Therefore, by hiring our company for your plumbing needs, you’re getting nothing but the best.


    We understand that anything can go wrong during a simple plumbing task. That’s why we are completely insured to prevent any liability from falling on our clients in the event of an accident. We can provide proof of insurance upon request, allowing our clients to validate it before hiring us for their plumbing needs.

    What Customers Say About Us?

     Yogesh S. 



    Thank you to KL1 Plumber for your quick response and great work. I learned my lesson the hard way, to never try to fix plumbing issues by myself. Fortunately, the team from KL1 plumber was able to fix my problem (which I might have made worse)

    Sheena Hassan



    I’m always wary of calling service providers to my homes, but thankfully the plumbing team from KL1 Plumber were so friendly, and informative!

     Derick Wong 



    Two thumbs up for the fast and quality service from this team. It’s now my new go-to plumbing service provider here in KL.

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    How much does it cost to repair or install a water pump in Malaysia? 🇲🇾

    • It depends on the severity and scope of work that needs to be done by the contractor. Most of the time, it won’t cost you more than a few hundred RM. Please click here to find out more.

    Why Use a Water Pump? 😌

    • Water pumps are the silent workers behind our stable water supply. It is often only noticed once it starts to act up and affect the quality and quantity of our water. Please click here to find out more

    Why choose KL1 Plumber? ☑️

    • KL1 Plumber is an experienced and reputable company that has been providing the best and satisfactory services for a long time. Our rate is very affordable, and all works come with 30 days workmanship warranty.