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As an excellent plumbing service provider, we pride ourselves on being able to deliver good plumbing work from homes to office buildings to commercial establishments. We also offer roof leak repair, water heater repair and waterproofing services around Klang Valley. Each service has its own rate and will come with a professional check-up of the problematic area. Our plumbers listen to customers regarding the problem area when they do the initial inspection on the water or drainage system. This is to make sure that they can provide the right advice before proceeding with the approach for the project. 

Installation of Water Pipes

Water pipes are the foundation of a water system and proper installation of the piping is crucial to ensure the efficient flow of water inside the system. A poorly installed pipe can also cause big problems in the future as well.

You need professional help when installing water pipes and we can provide you with the proper service. Our expert plumbers will map out a good plan for installing the pipes to effectively deliver water around the house. This will be followed by installing the right fixtures and water outlets in the bathroom and kitchen to distribute the water properly.

Repair of Leaking Pipes

Damaged pipes can cause a water or worse waste to leak our which means that it may affect the environment of your whole house. Easy repair works can be done by our plumbers if your pipes just needs a small patch-up job.

However, leaking pipes might be too damaged that it is necessary to replace it. With KL1 Plumber’s professional plumbers, replacements jobs are a cinch. The damaged pipe is traced and located and using the proper tools it will be removed to be replaced by a new one.

These replacement parts are necessary especially when the plumbing repair requires proper sanitation. No hotel, office, or shopping complex should suffer too long with leaky pipes. The leaking section is/are identified, and the repair will be performed right away.


Water clogging causes your internal plumbing to be inefficient. There are water clogs, clearing of drainage pipes including toilets, sinks, and other water fixtures in the house or building. Doing so will ensure the smooth flow of your plumbing.

Clearing water clogs is easy with the equipment and tools being used by the expert plumbers from our team. You can hire our clearing specialist to deliver the services you need anywhere in Kuala Lumpur to keep clogging inside your drainage pipes.

Leaking pipes?

Just tell us your location in Malaysia and we will send an expert plumber right away!