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KL1 Plumber is a plumbing specialist that’s based in Kuala Lumpur with a full team of professional plumbers ready to be sent to any location within the city. The quality of our service is what many of our clients can testify to.

With our array of services including water pipe installation, pipe repairs, roof leaking repair, water heater installation, water tank repair, waterproofing, toilet repair and drainage cleaning we can deliver a solution to all your problems. We deliver our services anywhere in Kuala Lumpur with no questions asked.

Clients need not worry about the repair schedule because all our plumbers our professionals. They follow the set schedule and will be there on time. Even during an emergency plumbing service, you can expect our plumbers to be right at your door within an hour.

After our repair work is done, we will be able to give you guidance and support to make sure that the repair work will be supplemented with proper maintenance. This is all for free as a part of our consultation service and the articles available on our website.

We can help you manage your costs because we offer the best deals in Kuala Lumpur. Our rates are affordable per service we provide. Some of the lowest price quotes is available for our clients without compromising quality of course.

Home & Outdoor Plumbing Repair Services in KL & Klang Valley

As an excellent plumbing service provider, we pride ourselves on being able to deliver good plumbing work from homes to office buildings to commercial establishments. Each service has its own rate and will come with a professional check-up of the problematic area.

Our plumbers listen to customers regarding the problem area 3when they do the initial inspection on the water or drainage system. This is to make sure that they can provide the right advice before proceeding with the approach for the project.

Installation of Water Pipes

Water pipes are the foundation of a water system and proper installation of the piping is crucial to ensure the efficient flow of water inside the system. A poorly installed pipe can also cause big problems in the future as well.


Repair of Leaking Pipes

Damaged pipes can cause a water or worse waste to leak our which means that it may affect the environment of your whole house. Easy repair works can be done by our plumbers if your pipes just needs a small patch-up job.


Clearing/Drainage Toilet

Water clogging causes your internal plumbing to be inefficient. There are water clogs, clearing of drainage pipes including toilets, sinks, and other water fixtures in the house or building. Doing so will ensure the smooth flow of your plumbing.

Why Choose Us?

Experienced And Reputable

We have been in business for a while during which we have acquired the necessary expertise to handle any plumbing issues. Therefore, by working with our company, you’re working with the best. On the other hand, our clients can verify that we always provide the best and most satisfactory services and we will do the same for any person that walks through our doors.

Licensed And Certified

We have all the required certifications and licenses to provide plumbing services in Kuala Lumpur and the surrounding areas. Every plumber in our company has the right license to offer the best plumbing services in the region. Therefore, by hiring our company for your plumbing needs, you’re getting nothing but the best.


We understand that anything can go wrong during a simple plumbing task. That’s why we are completely insured to prevent any liability from falling on our clients in the event of an accident. We can provide proof of insurance upon request, allowing our clients to validate it before hiring us for their plumbing needs.

What Customers Say About Us?

 Yogesh S. 



Thank you to KL1 Plumber for your quick response and great work. I learned my lesson the hard way, to never try to fix plumbing issues by myself. Fortunately, the team from KL1 plumber was able to fix my problem (which I might have made worse)

Sheena Hassan



I’m always wary of calling service providers to my homes, but thankfully the plumbing team from KL1 Plumber were so friendly, and informative!

 Derick Wong 



Two thumbs up for the fast and quality service from this team. It’s now my new go-to plumbing service provider here in KL.

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Hiring licensed specialists is much easier now with us in Kuala Lumpur. You can get quality skills and workmanship plus friendly service with our expert plumbers. This is the inherent advantage you can avail if your call us today.

Call us today to learn more about the services that we offer. Look at our company history to know more about the experience we’ve had throughout the years. Go to our services to learn more about the plumbing jobs that we can provide. It has never been easier to hire a plumber in Kuala Lumpur these day. With KL1 Plumber, you can hire a plumber at the comfort of your own home. Call us today!

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