A Brief Travel Guide To Visiting Zoo Negara In Malaysia

Zoo Negara, or the National Zoo, was established in 1963 in the town of Ampang which is about 15 km away from Kuala Lumpur. Currently, there are over 5500 animals that call this zoo home, and there are over 400 species for visitors to discover. This zoo is such a popular attraction that it is common for there to be a 2-hour wait just to get inside. It is not only popular with tourists, but locals with small children also frequent the zoo on the weekends and during holidays. Here are some guide after our team visiting the place.

The zoo’s main attraction is the Animal Show that occurs twice a day, one show is at 11am and the other show is at 3pm. On Fridays, these shows begin at 11am and 3:30pm respectively.

With this multi-animal showcase, be prepared to see feature performances from many different animals including sea lions. The show is held at the open-air Amphitheatre located close to Hornbill Centre.


The latest attraction to win the hearts of zoo visitors is the giant pandas that are from China. This Giant Panda Exhibition Centre is home to endangered species Xing Xing and Liang Liang. They are so adorable and will melt your heart so be sure you stop by and visit them.

Here are some interesting facts about pandas.

They typically spend on average 14 to 15 hours a day eating
Their fur is very wiry and thick. It can grow up to 10cm in length.
One adult can produce waste dropping weighing over 60 pounds every day
Their skin is black where their fur is black, and the skin is pink where the fur is white
They have very powerful jaw muscles and can chew an aluminum pan to dust

Other Animal Attractions

After visiting the giant pandas, there are a variety of other attractions you can visit while you are at the zoo. Amphibians World is an attraction that displays such animals as frogs that are native to Malaysia.

Another interesting attraction to visit are the birds. These birds represent several species and they are given the freedom to fly around in a huge cage.

Make note of the Hornbills which are found in large numbers in Sarawak and Sabah. You can also stop and visit the numerous pelicans that hang out around the lake close to the entrance of the zoo.

There are also many different mammals that live at the zoo. Children, both young and young at heart, will be fascinated with the elephants, leopards, giraffes, lions, tigers, deer, racoons, bears, camels and kangaroos that are at the zoo.

Many of the animals have been brought to the zoo from other places around the world. It is important to pay attention to any signs that have been placed around the fences or enclosures of these animals, and always respect nature.

The Tram

If you are visiting the zoo with small children, and you prefer not to do a lot of walking, there is the option of using the tram system. The tram will transport you and your group around the zoo, and then it will stop halfway. This allows you the opportunity to get out of the tram and walk around to visit some of the exhibits.

You can then take the next tram when you are ready to go back to your starting location. The tickets can be purchased at the counter (Tram counter) after you have gotten inside of the zoo.

The Zoo Negara is the ultimate tourist destination for animal lovers. With over 5000 animals at the zoo at any given time, you are sure to find something matches your interest and educational needs.

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